harpist rebecca roth

rebecca roth

Satie Sarabandes

These dances have the unique atmosphere, sonorous magic, and harmonic innovations that Erik Satie was known for. The harp is a natural fit. You can hear his impact on modern ambient music in these Sarabandes, by clicking on the cover art shown here, or buy the album on bandcamp.

Released 9 September 2021

Um Piano Nas Barricadas

by Tiago Sousa

I was drawn to the contemplative and meditative nature of Tiago Sousa's music, and recorded my own version of Insónia. The dreaminess of the harp is juxtaposed with the suggestion of sleeplessness. You can find my version on track 8 of his album on bandcamp.

Released 26 February 2016

Works of Satie

Slight dissonance, interesting harmonies, and relaxing repetition make the Gnossiennes and Gymnopedies perhaps Erik Satie's most well-know works. These are an even more apparent precursor to modern ambient music, like John Cage's. You can hear how well they work on harp by clicking on the album artwork shown here, or buy it on bandcamp.

Released 30 June 2013